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This is our dream big project. We want to purchase a home here in beautiful Sarasota, Florida and create a space that can help pastors, ministry leaders and their families to simply connect, have fun and rejuvenate for a week. 

the future

This is our future project that we are working on for families. No matter what ministry you are in - we want to host you here in Sarasota with a retreat | get away with your spouse or your family. The charge = NOTHING. We know what it is like to live on a ministry budget and our family has not been able to do vacations - we want to give you that chance to have a vacation with a free rental for a week.


our goal

Our goal is to make this a reality within the next 2 years. Watch for updates as we work through finding funding, remodeling a property and finding church sponsors to partner with us to help this become a reality.

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